Our Services

Our Services

We work on Check Engine Lights, Brakes, Tune-ups, Timing Belts, Alignments, A/C Service, Tires, General Maintenance and Repair, NC Inspection, Shocks/Struts anything on your vehicles besides bodywork. We also replace Engines, Transmissions, and Suspension.  We offer Oil Changes starting at $31.95 for Synthetic Blend.

We also have specials for Full Synthetic oil changes also. We offer Fleet Repair to businesses that want to bring all their vehicles to a honest shop that fixes their vehicles correctly and efficiently. 

With specialists in electrical and diagnostics we feel we do a better job of keeping up with ever changing automotive electronics. We offer the finest auto electrical repair in Greensboro area. Getting to the root of the problem when it comes to auto electrical repair work can be quite time consuming; especially if you are dealing with an intermittent problem. Our auto electrical repair specialists are here to help you with any issue that might come up.  If you need auto electrical repair work, call us today and we will help solve your issue!

The Bosch Tech 2 scan tool has given us full dealer-level capability on GM cars. With the help of this incredible hand-held diagnostic computer device, we’re able to diagnose and fix the electronic systems of models from 1996 and beyond. Additionally, we follow the OBDII diagnosis method to check the condition of the emission control system for inspection requirements. We have the most up-to-date equipment that allows us to perform “check engine light” repairs, so your vehicle can pass inspection. If the light turns on, don’t worry; we will fix it. Call us today if your check engine light is on!

We also have our very own Automotive Insulation for controlling Heat and Sound in your vehicle and classic cars and trucks called Mighty Matt. Mighty Matt Automotive Insulation does an outstanding job controlling the heat and sounds that come from your vehicle, classic car / truck, boat, plane, RV, tractor trailer ect.